Production planning is the controlling aspect of garments industry. It is involves everything & every task in the process to execution the delivery of goods within time frame. So, production planning is the controlling of production & manufacturing process determined by time frame.
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We understand that production is always time constrained and saving time with right data analysis is direct profits to our esteemed clients. STITCH ERP comes into action right from setting up a new line for a style, reducing the setup time and intelligently tracking production data at each desk for each operator. It still does not require any hardware installation at the desk and uses modern technologies to capture the data accurately. Helps you capture data for critical information like Production Data, Operation Level SAM Comparison, Production plan versus actual Production, Expected production, etc.

A one of its kind technology module that helps you tracking Quality control data in real time at your shop floor. It is designed with utmost care considering time and motion studies and making sure that it does not reduce efficiency of the QC. Still it captures all the critical details like Number of Defects, Type of Defects, DHU, First Time Pass, Total Passed and altered items. The AI based platform analyses and provides you times alerts on critical KPIs to help you improve the production efficiency and quality of production at first time.
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Machines are the most important soldiers of your troops and need right care. Machine maintenance module of STITCH ERP handles practical aspects of maintenance and repair and help you in the following:
• In-Time Preventive Maintenance – Precaution is better than Cure
• Reduction in TAT of Mechanic
• Analysis of Repair Time
• Improved Responses and Communication
• Analysis of Replacement Time and Replaced Machines
• Improved Machine Health and quicker actions based on it
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It’s all about DATA. Direct impact on your PROFITS.

Right alerts at the right time.

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