Meet production changing demands more easily with precise and flexible planning


A GPS System for your line planning and scheduling.

  • Enables better Long-Term and multi-level capacity Planning for multiple factories, lines, and machines.
  • Dynamic scheduling for high mix low volume environment.
  • Optimum capacity utilization of line.
  • Running the right products at the right time with AI enables smart sequencing.
  • Real-time production status is fed back to the STITCHPLAN, for a continuously optimized plan.
  • Critical paths and Pre-production milestones.

Powerful Tools & Features

Visual Planning Board

  • Define orders process flow and tasks on the fly.
  • Visual, Drag and drop and Intuitive planning screens.
  • Define changeover learning curves.
  • Loading plan and control.
  • Dynamic scheduling.
  • Increased visibility and control.

Alerts and Notifications

  • Alerts and KPIs help to plan, manage and control better.
  • Critical paths and Pre-production milestones delays trigger reoptimize of the plan as needed, keeping everyone on track.
  • Event based notifications on delays and production targets deviations.
  • Early identification of bottlenecks


  • Seamless integration with ERP/PLM.
  • Easy onboarding.
  • Quick ROI