Machine Maintenance Management

Less downtime, lower repair costs, higher productivity


Machine Maintenance has never been easier!

According to the International Society of Automation, a typical apparel manufacturing factory loses between 5% and 20% of its manufacturing capacity due to downtime. Traditional preventive maintenance processes require machines to be repaired at intervals based on time or usage. These methods, however, still result in significant instances of machines failure resulting in idle workers, increased scrap rates, lost revenues and angry customers.

STITCH’s machine maintenance management software designed to optimize machines performance, ensuring that preventive tasks happens on schedule, breakdown work orders are handled in real time and with maximum efficiency. AI models can look for patterns in data that indicate failure modes for specific machines or generate more accurate predictions of the lifespan for a machine. When specific failure signals are observed, or machine parts aging criteria are met, the parts can then be replaced during scheduled maintenance windows. A powerful application for preventive, proactive, and deliberate approach to maintenance and repair.

Powerful Tools & Features

Breakdown Maintenance

  • Breakdown maintenance work orders are generated and assigned automatically to best maintenance personnel for specific events to bring the machines up quickly when critical productions are at stake.
  • Powerful mobile application empowers your maintenance team to be proactive rather than reactive to maintenance tasks.

Predictive maintenance

  • Maintenance task can be automatically triggered through the system when specified maintenance conditions arise.
  • Predictive maintenance can lead to 25 to 30 percent decrease in maintenance cost of your machines.

Maintenance Work Order Management

  • Create machine maintenance work orders based on incoming maintenance requests and quickly assign them to the right technician.
  • Automatically send mobile push notifications to technicians when a work order is assigned to them. Tracks each assigned work orders till resolved.

Machines and parts Inventory management

  • Assign a minimum quantity value to every part and get notified when that value is reached.
  • View stock count for machines and parts, when a part is used for a work order and that work order is closed, the inventory count is automatically updated.

Tracks Machines Downtime, Usage and Costs

  • When a machine breaks down the system identifies and mark it as Inactive, When it’s fixed by technicians it identifies and puts the machine in active state. Then run reports on this.
  • View a complete machines life cycle, costs of repair, and time spent on repairs for each


  • Simple yet powerful tool for machines failure metrics. MTBF helps you predict how long a machine can run before the next unplanned breakdown happens.
  • MTTR helps you to respond to breakdowns and repairs efficiently with your machine resources.


Save Machine Downtown Upto


Save Spare Part Cost Upto


Save Machine lost time Per Day Per Machine

.5 to 2 Hrs

Increase Machine Productivity Upto


Tracks Machines Downtime, Usage and Costs

  • Track machines uptime and downtime in realtime.

  • View maintenance history of machines

  • Plan machines for the upcoming orders in advance.

  • Track technicians wrench time and cost

  • Track machines warranty and residual costs.

Mobility for Technicians

  • Carry maintenance work orders in your mobile and view details from your phone.

  • Get alerts when machine breakdown work order is assigned

  • Scan machines QR to start and finish maintenance work.

  • Snap photos of issues.

  • Maintain parts change and inventory on the go from your phone.

  • View your performance.