• Establish objective and measurable real-time KPIs and reports at various levels – from factory, to line, to machine, to operators.

  • Discover quantifiable data to continuous production and quality improvements

  • Reduce machines downtime by automating maintenance work orders

  • Increase productivity through enhanced quality, machine, and line management.

  • Reduce inefficiency and waste with automated warnings to alert staff of any deviations from standards and set parameters.

  • Optimum capacity utilization of production lines

  • Step towards Industry 4.0, Complete digitization of your factories

  • Enables better long-term and multi-level Capacity Planning for multiple factories, lines, and machines.

“Estimated loss due to waste hidden in a factory could be as much as 40 percent of total company effort. However, engineers who are using new technology and data in their factories improved efficiency and effectiveness by 20% – 50%” – Armand Feigenbaum



All apparel manufacturers in the world know that there are parts in their manufacturing process that are not as they should be. Quality issues, defects, scrap, re-work, workarounds, waiting, machine breakdown, downtime, improper planning, and other forms of wastes which are significant drain on plants performance and the bottom line. If they know the problems, then the question is why they are not being fixed? The problem is that the scale and size of these wastes and indicators of its root causes are often not available to the people who are best placed in the production shop floors to act. It is as if the factory performance is “hidden” from them, so they are unable to make the necessarymprovements. Exposing this hidden factory performance is the first step in improving the operational performance and profitability of the any sewing factory. It provides the opportunity to not only reduce manufacturing cost but also gain untapped capacity. STITCH helps in discovering the “hidden factory” enable managers and operatives to take decisive action to improve performance.

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Most importantly, our cloud architecture is state-of-the-art, keeping your data safe, secure and accessible whenever you need it.

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